I have great respect and admiration for Indian fashion and one of my particular favorites is the Indian sari.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Shoes for the Indian Sari

Shoes to wear with the Indian Sari

To really accentuate the flowing folds of the Indian Sari you should only wear authentic Indian shoes with it. There are of course numerous ‘westernised’ styles available but once you have seen the hand made leather Indian Khussa/Jutti shoes nothing else quite has the same appeal. I saw these beautiful examples at Farida’s Passions it is worth a look, they would compliment the finest Indian sari.

As with the Indian sari the Indian shoes differ in style from region to region.The Punjabi Juttis take their name from the state of Punjab where they originated; they are now available in shops all over the world. Their craftsmanship reflects the intricacy of a finely decorated Indian sari; they are often embroidered with coloured threads incorporating beads and pearls. These soft leather shoes are usually slip-ons with a flat heel and with backs coming high up the ankle. The heel is mirrored in the front of the shoe as it flows over the foot finishing at an elegant toe.

The traditional footwear of Rajasthan are the Mojari which look distinctly royal and are renowned for their comfort. They are made from a wonderfully soft light leather which moulds to the shape of the foot; the more they are worn the more comfort they give.

The district of Kolapur is where the hand made Kolhapuri Chappals originated, these are the popular sandals so often worn by western women. They are extremely versatile and as well as being worn with the Indian sari they compliment the Kurta beautifully; in the west they don't look out of place simply worn with jeans.

You can indeed wear any shoes with your sari but when you look at the styles of shoes that are traditionally made for the garment it is hard to consider wearing anything else. These unusual shoes can be seen at Maple Clothing, they would add to the beauty of any Indian sari and at the same time would be flattering and comfortable for the wearer.

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