I have great respect and admiration for Indian fashion and one of my particular favorites is the Indian sari.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wearing a Red Indian Sari

Would you wear red, would you wear an Indian sari or would you go one further and wear a red indian sari. In western culture you may need to be a confident woman to feel comfortable wearing a red indian sari yet in the east it is one of the most popular garments for a women to wear even on her wedding day.

Throughout history eastern women have always worn red with grace and elegance. In the north of India red is a colour symbolizing auspiciousness and is worn in the hope it will bring future good luck and success.

In the 1800s, during the reign of Queen Victoria, to wear red was distinctly frowned upon. Red was once a colour symbolising wealth and luxury in England but it became a colour which would only be worn by loose women. It is only relatively recently that European women have begun to adopt red again.

The women of America are also now being more creative; choosing to marry in red and also choosing the Indian sari as their wedding garment. A wedding dress like the one in the picture would certainly make your wedding day a day to remember.

Western women are not only getting married in the Indian sari, it is now being worn more and more as an every day garment. The sari can be dressed up by choosing a cloth with rich colours and complex designs or by adorning it with delicate jewelery to accentuate the flowing lines. It is also possible to dress down a sari by going for the simpler draping styles and by opting for the plainer fabrics. Whichever way you wear it and whatever colours and designs you choose, the Indian sari is definately a very flattering garment for any woman. You can see this in the following youTube video; I hope it inspires you.

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